DIY DJ is an interactive music installation for multiple people. Combine samples and create your own music. Not with records, but with old fashioned cassette tapes.

DIY DJ provides you with a whole lot of cassette tapes and a mix table with four symbols: Drums, Bass, Melody, and Record. By putting down cassettes on each of these symbols you compose and mix your own music.

Each audio cassette contains different samples. When you put down the cassette on the Drums symbol, you will hear a beat. Putting another cassette on the Melody symbol, a melodious sound becomes audible to enrich the beat.

If you wish to have even more variation, bring your tape to the nearby recording station to record your own voice. Next, combine your own voice with your sound mix by putting the cassette on the Record symbol.

With DIY DJ, users create their own disco together in a playful way. DIY DJ offers an accessible and fast game play for young and old. The music automatically sets in in the correct rhythm, so you can’t go wrong!

The whole technical part of this project has been developed byStudio Arne Boon.





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