A game in which you regulate the growth of a tree. The slow gameplay takes you into the uncomplicated beauty of a growing tree.

A game that isn’t about action or violence, but simply about growing a tree. A peaceful and poetic experience without an ultimate goal. As a player you are concerned with shaping the tree and its branches. Let yourself be guided by the visuals and auditory poetic experience. Bohm is an interactive homage to the beauty of a tree.

With Bohm we want to demonstrate that even in the world of games there is space for treasured and honourable emotions.

The player controls the shape and growth of the tree. You can make each branch grow faster to your consent and bend it in the desirable direction. The tree matures organically while you are playing. Simultaneously, the background music adapts itself to the growth of the tree. Both aspects change and evolve during the game, under the influence of the choices that you make and the buttons you press.

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