What happens when game designers are approached by a museum to transform an existing masterpiece into an interactive work of art? Then you get Monobanda’s project Light on Wood.

The Centraal Museum in Utrecht approached us to add a new ‘layer’ to one of their most distinguishing works of art. The 1000 years old Utrecht Ship! Inspired by the identity and stories of the ship, we’ve designed theinterpassive light installation Light on Wood. This installation rewards visitors who stand still and let themselves be guided by the stories of the ship. The more quiet the audience moves around the ship, the more the ship will reveal about itself.

The ship reacts to visitors by means of abstract stories visualised through light and sound. Depending on the number of people in the room, the ship will choose between a more reserved form of communicating or more of a grand performance on the opposite. But interaction is all about listening and paying attention. Only when the visitor halts, the ship will make contact and reward you for your attention.

The light art has become part of the ship. It’s a synthesis of an archaeological masterpiece and a modern work of art.

Download the press kit here.

In collaboration with
Rajiv Krijnen