Paint with light in this magical room. Players enter a world, filled with mysterious white objects.

By aiming at the white objects with a special brush you can color this white world with colored light! Transform the white shapes into luminous monsters, a landscape, or other figments of imagination.

In the Color Room you don’t paint on a flat piece of paper, but in a tangible and spatial world. Pick up the lightweight, white objects and change the composition of the room. Or, put on a white suit and become part of the composition yourself. Let others paint you in this enchanting white world.

It’s all about the creativity and empathy of the players.

The Color Room is an accessible installation which can be easily adapted to the location or situation.

The Color Room has been presented at various festivals and events, such as the Children’s Biennial 2011 in Venice, Cinekid, Tweetakt, Friday Night in the Van Gogh Museum and Children’s Museum Night in Centraal Museum.

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