The VR game Timbre lets you explore the power of your own voice. Control the game by singing, humming or even screaming, and watch the virtual world react! Variations in pitch, duration, volume and tone will change the impact your voice has on the game. Create high-pitched melodies or speak in short shouts to build bridges, destroy structures, connect with a virtual creature and navigate.

With Timbre, we explore new ways of playful interaction in Virtual Reality.  
In everyday life, the voice primarily serves as a means of communication through words. By making it the only tool available for interaction in Timbre, players discover the versatility of their own voice in new ways. With this game we create a stimulating environment for people to explore their voice as a purely creative tool.

In collaboration with:
Beer van Geer
Richard van de Lagemaat
Jesse van Leeuwen
Meaza Jamal Pardoel
Lisanne Vermeulen

Supported by:
Creative Industries Fund NL

Download Timbre (for Oculus Rift)
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